March 8, 2017 marks 100 years since the birth of British comedian and actor, Frankie Howerd (1917-1992), who received an OBE in 1977 after rising to fame during the post-war period.
Despite fumbling between cinema, stage and TV, Howerd received notable recognition as an actor – here are three of his standouts:

1. The Runaway Bus, 1954

Frankie stars as Percy Lamb in this comedy about heavy fog shutting down an airport in the capital. Made in London’s Southall studios in less than five weeks, the film’s budget was so small, a mini fog generator had to be used.

2. Carry on Doctor, 1967

In perhaps one of the silliest Carry Ons, Frankie plays a doctor and a faith healer surrounded by strange characters after being admitted to hospital for a minor injury.

3. Up Pompeii, 1971

In this hilariously inaccurate historical drama, Frankie is a slave named Lucrio who discovers a plot against the emperor. It was the 10th most popular film at the British box office in 1971.