An adaptation of Maile Meloy’s short stories. Certain Women drags us through the stories of three loosley connected women’s mundane lives in untamed Montana.

Laura (Laura Dern), a lawyer, finds herself in a hostage situation. Gina (Michelle Williams), a strong-minded mother determined to build her dream house. Ranch hand (Lily Gladstone), is attracted to Elizabeth, (Kristen Stewart), a law student.

While foregrounding women’s lives may be admirable Certain Women delivers no thrill. It ends just as it starts – flat. If you watch Certain Women, watch it for its cinematography of Montana’s landscape, but not for its narrative.

+ Actor’s performances

+ Cinematography

Storyline and character development

Painful silence with scenes that contribute nothing, like five minutes of driving shots

For fans of: Wendy and Lucy, Clouds of Sils Maria  (and depressing ambiguous stories)

Release Date: 3rd March, 2017

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