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Behind Filmstrip is a team of creative, movie buffs who strive to bring you the best in film news. Meet our team.

Name: Alex Corona

Role: Editor/Designer

Favourite Film: The Godfather

Bio: A purveyor of great storytelling, Alex is constantly on the search for films that stir, excite and evoke a sense of wonder. Be it the convoluted dimensions of space-time in a powerful Sci-Fi flick like Arrival, or the haunting visuals of dramas like Nocturnal Animals, Alex will always gladly prefer a night picking apart a brilliant film or book, then downing cocktails in a cheap student bar.

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Name: Vic Hood

Role: Online/Contributor

Favourite Film: Deadpool

Bio: A loud and proud geek, Vic is a lover of superhero and cult films. When she’s not watching movies, she can be found screaming at video games or immersed in a book (that will later be made into an awful film).

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Name: Igor Nikolskiy

Role: Online/Contributor

Favourite Film: Interstate 60

Bio: Igor is a fan of movies that go beyond being simply entertaining – he always wants something more. Thought-provoking, ironic, out of the box films are his favourite. He is also a quite a booklover, so you rarely see him without a new fiction bestseller in his hands.

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Name: Fatima Ojeerally

Role: Photography/Contributor

Favourite Film: Nocturnal Animals

Bio: An arthouse movie enthusiast, Fatima enjoys films that explore deep subjects and also doesn’t mind a good paranormal horror either. When she’s not lounging on the sofa at an independent cinema, Fatima spends her free time writing poetry.

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Name: Jasmine Lakhani

Role: Designer/Contributor

Favourite Film: Blood Diamond

Bio: An obsessor of creative things, Jasmine can spend hours fascinated by films and the techniques and people taken to make them. There are not enough hours in the day to watch every film she wants to.

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Name: Laura Morley

Role: Contributor

Favourite Film: Friends With Benefits

Bio: Laura enjoys staying healthy and active, but when it’s her down time she’s happy to sit down to a romantic comedy.

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